At OI Management, our primary objectives are to fulfill the goals of commercial property owners.

At OI Management, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of Texas commercial property owners across the state including key locations like Houston, Beaumont, San Antonio, and Austin. Our mission is to generate a consistent income stream for our clients while preserving and enhancing the value of their commercial investments throughout these regions.

We dive deep into every project, ensuring our services are tailored and aligned with our client’s immediate and long-term goals, especially within the dynamic Texas market. Our approach is local yet comprehensive, reflecting the unique characteristics of each city we operate in – from the bustling business environment of Houston to the historic charm of San Antonio, the innovative pace of Austin, and the growing markets in Beaumont.

Our professional team is comprised exclusively of Certified Property Managers (CPM), who take a hands-on approach to managing your properties and overseeing their day-to-day operations in these key Texas cities. Supported by a dedicated team of licensed realtors and experienced property managers, we are equipped to make strategic decisions that safeguard the interests of our clients and their properties, ensuring that your commercial assets in Texas are in capable hands.

  • Management of Leases & Lease Abstracting
  • Lease Renewal Negotiation
  • Tenant Relations & Retention
  • Property Tax Rendering (Paradigm)
  • Day-to-Day Property Maintenance
  • Comprehensive Monthly Financials
  • Continual Service Contract Negotiation
  • Rent Escalation & Annual Reconciliations
  • Risk Management & Insurance
  • Enhanced Budget Management
  • Cash Management
  • Asset Reports with Photo Reports

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